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Sheldonville Bicycle Repair is a full service shop for all things bicycle related. I do all the work on each bicycle, so you can be confident that your bicycle will be serviced with the greatest attention to detail. I enjoy repairing bicycles as much as I love riding. Your bicycle will be treated as if it was my own! — Dan Ibbitson, Owner

About Sheldonville Bicycle Repair

Back in college I was introduced to mountain biking by a friend. I had always ridden bicycles growing up. "Banana" seat Huffy's and Scwhinn's, then the migration to motorized dirt bikes, and eventually to automobiles. I rode to class in college on an old baby blue Huffy road bike that was way too small for me. When I first rode in the woods my love of the bicycle was rekindled and became a much larger part of my life.

Along with that came the curiosity of how the "machine" worked. I dove into all things that had to do with bicycle maintenance, upgrades, wheel building, etc. Not long after that first ride in the woods I purchased my first MTB frame and with the help of a local bicycle shop built a beautiful hardtail mountain bike-- an Ibis Mojo. That experience taught me a lot about the "do's and don'ts" of bike building.

Since then I have built many bikes and wheels, both road and MTB, for myself, friends, and clients. It is rewarding and challenging at the same time but always fulfilling. In today's world of carbon fiber, titanium and other exotic materials bicycles have become a serious investment for most cyclists. With that most are looking for personal and trustworthy service on their investment. As I have for the last 20 years working on my own "investments" I try to treat everyone's bike like it was mine when I have it in the stand. One bicycle at a time, start to finish, my hands only.

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